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Employee Benefit Planning

Employee benefit plans play an important role in the lives of employees and their families and have a substantial financial and administrative impact on the bottom line of a physician's practice. Today's employees have come to expect a comprehensive benefit package. The absence of benefits or inadequate benefits can seriously hinder a practice's ability to attract and retain good personnel. Employers must be aware of these issues and be ready to make informed decisions when they select employee benefits. Designing the right benefits plan for your employees is a complex task. There are many issues to consider, including tax and legal aspects, funding and finding the right vendors or administrators. Working with our knowledgeable benefits team, we will guide you through the many steps needed to develop and implement a custom program that fits the unique needs of your medical practice.

A Collaborative Approach

By working collaboratively with your practice, our knowledgeable benefits team will analyze the marketplace and customize a suite of offerings to meet the needs of your practice. You will have access to a variety of plan choices and designs from high-grade carriers, some at special prices with plan features that can only be found in our Agency's product lines and services portfolio.

Marketplace Impact Analysis

The OSMA Insurance Agency will provide a Marketplace Impact Analysis that compares Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant on-and-off-exchange plans with our self-funded health benefit options. This side-by-side Analysis will illustrate multiple carriers', comparative product designs and premiums and therefore help physician practices understand their options as a result of Health Care Reform.

Benefit Design

Take advantage of our vast knowledge and easy enrollment options. We help physician practices with on and off-exchange enrollments. We will discuss all the available insurance programs, including.

   •  Group Health Plans
          o  OSMA Health Benefits Plan
          o ACA Compliant Health Insurance Plans
   •  Individual Health Plans 
   •  Medicare Supplement Plans

   •  Dental and Vision
   •  Life
   •  Group Long & Short-Term Disability 
   •  Voluntary/Worksite Benefits
   •  Long-Term Nursing & Home Health Care

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Electronic Product Enrollment

We offer a universal benefits enrollment system that allows employees to enroll electronically at their convenience. Our paperless system features easy submissions and can be accessed in the comfort of home or office. Additionally, through our private individual health insurance exchange you can compare carriers, products, and enroll on-line.

Contact the OSMA Insurance Agency for complete guidance and services for your medical practice.